Monday, May 13, 2013

Forget Benghazi talking points – Who's idea was it to blame video?

A still shot from "Innocence of Muslims"

So there were at least a dozen iterations of the talking points U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice used when she went on five Sunday talks shows to blame a D-grade anti-Muslim movie on YouTube.

The troubling thing is, not one of those 12 iterations says anything about a YouTube video.

So who's idea was it to blame the video? Did Susan Rice think it up herself? Then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton blamed the video, too. And so did still-President Barack Obama.

Clinton and Obama told the family members of the four men killed in the attack that the video was responsible. Obama spoke against it at the United Nations two weeks after the fact. And the Obama-Clinton duo were featured in their own video to be shown in Pakistan attacking the anti-Muslim video.

The American who produced the video was put in jail. He's still there as of this writing.

The Obama administration has admitted now that it wasn't the video after all. The CIA talking points must have had it wrong.

We've finally seen the talking points. They were debated back and forth and revised down to the point of meaninglessness. Gen. David Petraus found them as useless as his wedding vows.

But the one thing I noticed when I read the various versions of the talking points that no one ever seems to point out: They never mention the video.

So who decided to?

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