Monday, June 1, 2015

Fox News' 'Greg Gutfeld Show' Re-invents Political Comedy

As promised by its host, TheGreg Gutfeld Show is not a conservative knock-off of The Daily Show.

Gutfeld's eponymous show premiered Sunday and was different from anything already on TV. (Another good entry that more people need to be watching is The Blaze TV's WonderfulWorld of Stu.)

Gutfeld stresses he is a writer, not a comedian, and he showed those skills in his first show, though he's quite comedic as well. 

Gutfeld opened his first show not bashing liberals, but himself, after he was denied entry into the secretive Fox News Channel "host" club. He followed up with a well-written, well-delivered screed on "evil." It was an expanded version of his typical deliveries on Red Eye and The Five.

Next, he turned to his "Liberal Panel," which turned out to be an actual panel on the wall of his set that had been anthropomorphized with eyes and mouth. The Liberal Panel actually made liberal points and argued with Gutfeld rather than being a conservative's view of a liberal.

Colin Quinn showed up offering Gutfeld talk show advice, including telling him he already knew what to do.

And Tucker Carlson appeared in what appeared to be a book promotion, but turned out to be a comedy bit in which Gutfeld drifted into dreamland, wishing he were really interviewing former SEAL Team Six member Rob O'Neill, the man who killed Osama bin Laden.

O'Neill appears in the dream sequence playing Candyland with Gutfeld, then using the game board to recreate the raid on bin Landin's Pakistan compound.

Red Eye regular Joanne Nosuchinsky took a turn at a Jesse Watters-style man-on-the-street segment, but in her case all the Times Square interviewees knew all the answers.

There were a few slow moments, but not worth noting for a first time effort. Expect good things from The Greg Gutfeld Show.

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