Saturday, January 3, 2009

"My name is Steve, and I met my mistress, Sharon, on I love my wife, but sometimes you need that little extra spice that you don't get from a wife who works all day, cooks dinner, helps the kids with the homework and finishes up doing the laundry. She's always exhausted and unable to meet my needs, which I get from looking at the Internet during my 'alone time' in the evening. Sharon and I are having a great time, and there's no commitment. And any time I want to dump her, DisHarmony is there for me to start anew."

"My name is Susan, and I met my married lover on He's going to divorce his wife and marry me eventually, because he doesn't really love her; he's just having to stay with her because she makes most of the money right now. As soon as he gets the new job he's been interviewing for he'll leave. I'm tired of them jerking him around. It's been nearly two years now. It's the economy. They're waiting for a better quarterly financial statement before taking him on. But as soon as they hire him he's divorcing that dried-up old hag he's stuck with. Thanks, DisHarmony."

After years of having to meet at the office and carry on affairs under the glare of co-workers knowing eyes, DisHarmony unites people with common interests through its patented personality profile. We've matched hundreds of unhappily marrieds and needy people willing to "settle." And if you sign up now, we'll give you the personality test -- a $40 value -- for free. We tabulate the results then throw them away, because the best part of being in a bad relationship is the surprise.

"I'm Larry, and I met my girlfriend on DisHarmony. Her kids love me, and she thinks I'm going to marry her. But I'm not. I'm just in it for the sex. I've told her, but she doesn't care; she just keeps clinging to me, convinced one day I'll change my mind. Meanwhile, it's fun, fun, fun -- with no commitment. Thanks, DisHarmony!"

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